My friends and I spent the evening at a wine seminar with Katherine Camera and Christopher Lavin of Broadbent Selections at Yoerg Brewing Co. in St. Paul, Minnesota last night.

Here are 7 things they said about wine that… I have a feeling, actually held secrets to art and the creative process:

Madeira wine will never go bad, “… because it’s already crappy in all the best ways.” (Meaning its oxidization and maderization, are part of its desirable taste.) …

  1. The idea of “Normal” is a made-up construct.
  2. Nobody cares if you can’t sing well. Never pass on your turn during karaoke.
  3. Almost no one’s mind has ever been changed in the comment section of Facebook.
  4. For the smoothest flight, choose the aisle above the wing.
  5. Those most interested in sharing their politics or religion with you rarely want you to share yours with them.
  6. A bottle of whiskey opens every door.
  7. Buying music gear is often the fantasy that you can buy talent.
  8. Today is “the good old days.”
  9. What people love about what you do, and what people…

“Incomplete” — It’s striking how often we as artists and musicians view the word as a negative, no?

I mean, listen, I’m all about striving to ‘complete’ something I’m working on, but has anything I’ve made ever been truly “finished” or do I just get to a place where I have to be done with it and send it off into the universe? And, if that’s the case, can I ever learn to view the “incompleteness” of my work as something that enhances it?

I was recently listening to an interview with U2 from around the time of the Joshua Tree anniversary tour where Bono was talking about how he felt like his songwriting on certain songs like…

Lately, I’ve been thinking about trends in the consumption of art and its impact on creation. My love of this sub-bass line on Nick Cave’s “White Elephant” (off his latest album “CARNAGE”) is a perfect case study that leaves me with more questions than I have answers.

Here’s what I mean…

Most people on social-media are browsing on their smartphones.

That means…

An iPhone 12’s speakers have a HARD frequency drop at ~150Hz and the humans holding them have a browsing attention span drop at ~7seconds.

That means…

You need to be presenting music mixed to sit between 500Hz — 10k and make sure you’ve chosen a…

In the world of music-touring — the smaller the gig, the closer your bedfellow.

I miss sleeping with friends.

Possibly the strangest sentence I’ve ever typed, but tell me…

Is there another career, outside of music, that regularly involves slumber parties, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. together at 2 am in a hotel room?

( Why is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or South Park ALWAYS ON??)

Does a career in marketing ever include non-sexual pillow-talk with a co-worker? Lying in bed wondering how to fall asleep.

Do you just stop talking? Do you announce it and say, “Will… I think I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight!”?

For the curious, here’s how…

Over on Instagram, I’ve started doing a series called #TheSongsThatMadeMe where I perform and talk about some of the songs that influenced my musical (and personal) journey over the years. Today’s was “15 Step” by Radiohead

To fully comprehend the impact this song had on me, let’s do some math, shall we?

“15 step” is exactly 3 minutes, 57 seconds long. It’s in the time signature of 5/4 and has a key change that doesn’t happen until THE LAST FREAKIN 30 SECONDS of the song!

The ROUGH chart I made when learning “15 Step” back in the day. (Notice I failed to mention it was in a minor key ;)

Out of curiosity, I recorded myself playing Colin Greenwood’s BLAZING bass line again yesterday…

Ideas are so damn delicate, no?

ESPECIALLY when it comes to collaboration.

Neil Young once likened songwriting to trying to catch a rabbit. They’re easily scared, you want to be gentle with it at first, you don’t want to chase them, you want to give them space to come to you.

“…The idea is, he’s free to come, free to go. Who would want to intimidate or disrespect the source of the rabbit?”

When it comes to collaboration, the question is: What do you do when someone else says they see a rabbit peeking its head out a hole and you don’t see it?

My favorite…

The following essay is now available in audio form. Click above to listen.

Are you a Solo Artist or Singer-Songwriter that’s experienced frustration when it comes to negotiating your fee with venues and booking agents?

A friend recently voiced their frustration saying, “it is bullshit to pay a solo artist less than a full band for the same amount of performance time…”

Because I understand what it’s like to be frustrated with the commerce side of music, instead of just saying, “Well, that’s just the way things work.” …

“Musicians who complained about the food in dive venues, are often the ones to complain about catering in the arenas.”

Having a great day in 2020 is not un-similar to what I’ve seen people experience when suddenly finding “success” in life.

It’s easy to almost feel ashamed of it.

The best day in someone’s life will always align with the worst of someone else’s. This year, there does seem to be far more worst than best.

Like the prophets known as Smash Mouth once said, “The hits start coming and they don’t stop coming…” but depending on your outlook or year, “Hits” could be referring to a platinum album release or a hammer relentlessly nailing you into the ground.


My friend,

Here are some questions I’ve been asking myself lately about performing a song twice in a set…

What if we started looking at song repetition as a tool for adding depth, connection, and cohesiveness to a live set?

We already do this in individual songs by repeating choruses and hooks. Some screenwriters call this a “Controlling Idea.” — It’s the main topic, main idea, main thought.

What if we looked at a setlist like a movie and the songs like scenes?

When I write setlists for a tour, a question I try to answer is, “What’s the controlling…

Rob Morgan

Internationally touring bassist who keeps a weather eye out for the curious.

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