The Consumption Of Art and Its Impact On Your Creation.

ately, I’ve been thinking about trends in the consumption of art and its impact on creation. My love of this sub-bass line on Nick Cave’s “White Elephant” (off his latest album “CARNAGE”) is a perfect case study that leaves me with more questions than I have answers.

Here’s what I mean…

Most people on social-media are browsing on their smartphones.

That means…

An iPhone 12’s speakers have a HARD frequency drop at ~150Hz and the humans holding them have a browsing attention span drop at ~7seconds.

That means…

You need to be presenting music mixed to sit between 500Hz — 10k and make sure you’ve chosen a portion of it interesting or flashy enough to capture and hold a viewer’s attention for longer than 30 seconds to generate the most amount of views.

But what if what you love as an artist sits well below 150k and grooves trance-like over just 4 notes?

The way I see it, you have five options:

1. You could change what you make.

2. You could double down on what you love to make and trust that those who’ll appreciate it will find it.

3. You could keep your taste but change what and how you present it depending on the current trends.

4. You could separate what you love to make from what you make that other people love to consume. Do the former for free and charge for the latter.

5. You could focus on changing culture the medium in which art is consumed.

For The Curious…

Rob Morgan is an internationally touring bassist and music director who keeps a weather eye out for the curious. He can be found online at

Internationally touring bassist who keeps a weather eye out for the curious.

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